Lavender Sugar Scrub - Garden Path Homemade Soap - Made in Canada

Lavender Sugar Scrub

This two in one exfoliator & moisturizer helps to remove dead skin cells, and hydrate the body's largest organ. Lavender essential oil's calming effect will make this skin ritual an absolute pleasure! Coconut oil and vitamin E leave your skin soft and hydrated so there is no need for a moisturizer afterwards.

[Please note: Should the jars get warm, the coconut oil will melt. To fix this and to create a fluffier scrub, simply place the jars in the fridge for half an hour followed by fluffing the sugar mixture with a fork. To avoid melting, please store jars in a cool place.]

Ingredients: White sugar, brown sugar, coconut oil, ground lavender buds, lavender essential oil, vitamin E

Collections: Bath & Shower, Winter Care

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