Julie's Favorites - Garden Path Homemade Soap - Made in Canada

Julie's Favorites

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This is what she had to say:
-Lavender Mist: I spray it on my pillows, bedspreads, and even on me, it's just such a comforting smell.
-Healing Salve: Okay so, this is the Garden Path "must have" for all chafing, cuts, and bruises. It's a go-to for everything and I have one in my first aid kit.
-Lip Balm with SPF: I have a confession to make, I can't leave home without a lip balm or 5 and these ensure my lips make it through the winter!
-Lemongrass & Lavender Bath Fizzes: The scents are great in the bath and the kids love them as well. Best of all, there is no fighting, everyone gets one.
Blueberry Oatmeal: Just reminds me of Bazooka Joe bubble gum and brings me back to my childhood.
-Bergamot Coriander: My favorite scent of 2017! Once you've tried it, it's hard not to go back to it.
-Vanilla-Mint & Green Tea: I love everything about it, except the fact that I can't eat it.
Evergreen: Wakes you up and makes you feel squeaky clean!
Other Favorites (not available for purchase online):
-Foaming Hand Soap & Refills: Cleans and moisturizes your hands, the kids love them because they foam so well and the bonus is that Garden Path can make it in any of your favorite scents.
-Laundry Soap: Smells amazing for your clothes and also your floors, use it for almost anything that you need to wash.