Facial Scrub | Gentle Exfoliant | 100% Natural Ingredients

Facial exfoliators can set us back more money than we might like, and they're often filled with laboratory-concocted ingredients. Using only natural ingredients (many come from our own gardens!) including organic herbs, white clay & ground oatmeal, this facial scrub will leave your skin soft, smooth and nourished. Rose petals, lavender and chamomile combine to create a luxurious, lightly scented powder. 
Ingredients: Oatmeal, kaolin clay, rose petals, lavender, chamomile, marshmallow root

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Customer Reviews

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Danajane Ouimet
My favorite product 💜

Absolutely love this product

This made our day! So happy to hear the facial scrub is a favourite :-)

Annabelle McCall
Love it!

I have been a long time fan of so many of Tara's products, but had never tried the facial scrub. I was always hesitant to try it because I have very sensitive skin and rosacea and have been sticking to the skincare I've been using for years. I received a sample packet of the scrub some time ago but recently decided to take the risk. I absolutely love it! It has changed my skin completely in only a few days. My irritated skin has become calmer, less red, and silky smooth. I will be coming for a bigger container soon!

The facial scrub really is an amazing product and is extremely gentle on all skin types. Thank you or taking the time to share your experience with it :-)

Ashley Fernandes

My first gift from this company was a simple small lip balm, I told my boyfriend's friend how much I loved it, and she got me a whole bag of goodies and this was one of the items. I'm trying to leave reviews for all of the items because everyone needs to know how great they are.
Just like everything else it worked wonderfully. I don't have bad facial skin. Maybe a bit or red spots in sensitive areas here and there. So this is fun to use because I feel like it leaves my skin feeling so soft, and what's nice is it doesn't hurt at all. Would highly recommend

Feels wonderful!

I bought both the scrub and the Green tea face cream, my skin has never felt this good in a very long time. Love the natural ingredients.


My personal two favourites, face scrub and lavender butter. I have always searched for natural products, never big name commercial beauty products. Nothing can replace right from Tara's sideyard garden ingredients made with passion.