Outdoor Spray | 100% Natural Essential Oil Blend

Containing ONLY pure essential oils and witchhazel, this chemical-free spray is not only effective, but safe for you and the environment. Essential oils combine to create a powerful, natural spray that helps you enjoy your time outdoors.
** Remember to shake the bottle before each use.
Ingredients: Witch hazel, lemongrass, eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, lemon eucalyptus & geranium essential oils

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ruth Martin
Keeps the "critters" away

We are out quite often along the Ontario trail walking our dog. At this time of year there are all sorts of mosquitoes trying to take a bite. This spray works amazingly well as it seems to keep them at bay. Also, the fragrance is quite pleasant and all natural! I would highly recommend this product.

This is great to hear Ruth! Thank you for your feedback :-)

Sandy Chaumont

I love this spray, it works with a great smell too! As a farm outdoor family, I spray it on all 4 kids when they go outside. They even ask to have it on if I’ve forgotten because they see the difference, the mosquitoes don’t bother them. I used it when I was pregnant, and even sprayed it on the stroller cover this summer for the baby. No more getting eaten alive! ♥️ My fav bug spray!

We are glad to hear your whole family benefits from the outdoor spray! Thank you for taking time to write a review :-)

Christine desnoyers
A must at the cottage

Fresh smell to keep the bugs away. Love that it is all natural and smells good. I have bottles at the cottage and at home. Bugs away!

We are happy to hear you enjoy using our all natural outdoor spray! Thanks for the review :-)

Patsy Henning
Outdoor Spray

The outdoor spray is one of my favourite products. I keep a bottle in my vehicle from spring to fall.
I have shared even shared it at the berry patch. Not only is the spray effective but it smells great too!

Thanks for taking the time to write a review on the Outdoor Spray. We are glad you enjoy the product and are spreading the word about how well it works!

Gnats no more!

Just returned from Yellowstone National Park. The gnats were out in full force. Everyone was swatting and my husband and I were able to enjoy the outdoors thanks to Garden Path Outdoor Spray. People in our tour group were quick to ask what we were using. Great product!

How wonderful to hear you were bug-free! Thank you for taking the time to create the review. We always appreciate customer feedback :-)