Shower Tablets | 100% Natural Essential Oils | Aromatherapy

Drop one shower tablet at the far end of the bathtub, away from the stream of water. As it dissolves, breathe in the awesome aromatherapy benefits.
Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, witch hazel, chamomile flowers, lavender buds, essential oils [lemon& sweet orange / lavender & geranium / Christmas tree oil, peppermint, & eucalyptus]

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Customer Reviews

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Calming scents!

I am loving these shower tablets! They have a wonderful smell, and it isn’t too overpowering. Each tablet lasts me about two showers, BONUS!

Awesome! We are glad to hear you enjoy the shower tablets and even manage to get two uses out of them! Thanks for the review :-)

No smell

I started not to long ago ordering from Garden Path. I am someone that absolutely loves natural products especially if they are local. I bought 3 of those to try. Love eucalyptus smell. Although I love all the other products that I bought, this one is not my favorite. Unfortunately it doesn't smell like anything. The scent is not strong enough. I definitely don't smell it in the shower. I am disappointed :(

We are happy to hear that you have discovered our products. Each one is created from scratch by hand and our recipes are tried and true. Your 1 star review comes as a surprise to us since our shower tablets are extremely popular and our customers enjoy the aromatherapy they experience. The tablets are individually scented with essential oils so you should definitely smell them. We recommend storing the tablets in a glass jar with a lid until they are ready to be used in order to preserve the essential oils. There are no preservatives and although we sell them in a plastic bag, they should not be stored there. 

Patsy Henning
Love the smell!

I absolutely love using the relax and awakening tablets!
I really like using them after online cardio classes. It is my treat to myself!

We are so pleased to hear how much you enjoy the shower tablets! We're also glad to hear that you treat yourself ;-) Thanks for the review.

Eloïse Laflèche
A tablet a day keeps the doctor away..

Love these shower tablets and have to hide them at home. Once again, another great gift idea, people love receiving them. Treat yourself to all scents, just can't get enough of the cold and flu, even when I am not sick.

We are glad you enjoy these shower treats! You're right - they do make a unique and appreciated gift :-)

perfect if you don’t have time...

Love all 3 scents this is perfect for someone who doesn’t have time for a bath. I would totally recommend these items

Wonderful to hear you enjoy our shower tablets! Thanks for writing a review :-)