The Garden Path Experience

Join Tara, the owner of Garden Path Homemade Soap as she guides a limited number of socially distanced visitors on an intimate tour teaching about the numerous benefits of the herbs & flowers grown on the heritage property. Learn about organic gardening practices and the benefits of companion planting. Enjoy an open discussion on all these topics that will give visitors a greater understanding of why Garden Path Homemade Soap chose to grow their own plants for use in their amazing products. Visitors also get a little take away at the end of the tour along with a 20% discount voucher for use in the boutique. The event will go ahead rain or shine, so bring your umbrellas and be amazed at how the gardens flourish in the rain or use your umbrella to keep the sun off of you if the heat continues.

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Our boutique is now open with Covid restrictions in place. We welcome you to visit Wed-Sunday from 10-5.