Upcoming Events at Garden Path Homemade Soap - Vankleek Hill, ON - Canada

Upcoming Events!

Garden Tea Party
Every Wednesday starting June 6th (weather permitting)
Kottage Kafé will be offering a garden tea party! There will be two sittings:
2:00pm - 3:00pm or 3:30pm - 4:30pm.
Cost: $30 per person. For reservations or more info contact: (514) 943-6902 (Alisa), email: kottagekafeandkrafts@gmail.com or check out their Facebook page: Kottage Kafé & Kottage Krafts.

Lavender Foot Spa
Every Monday starting June 4th (weather permitting)
Local esthetician, Janie Markle, will be offering the ultimate pampering experience. Up to 5 people will enjoy relaxing in our lavender patch while having their feet treated to an all-natural foot spa using our own Garden Path foot care products! For more info or to reserve, contact Janie (613) 307-1054 or janiemarkle@hotmail.com

Face Care in the Chamomile
(weather permitting)
Local esthetician, Valerie Cameron from Bella Visage, will be offering an all-natural face treatment in the chamomile patch using exclusive Garden Path face care products. Sit back, relax and experience a treat that will awaken all your senses! For more info or to reserve, contact Valerie (613) 678-6368 or valc19@icloud.com

Photo: Olivia Lynn Designs